Re: [RML] P. signifer

Roy Hunter (roy at
Sun, 20 Jul 1997 14:40:04 -0600

It depends on the population. They will either spawn in brackish water or
fresh or anywhere in between.

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> From: Mach Fukada <tuhoitc at>
> To: rainbowfish at
> Subject: [RML] P. signifer
> Date: Sunday, July 20, 1997 11:03 AM
> I finally got my grubby hands on some of these neat little guys and gals.
> Not sure what locality (real bummer) the person in the fish room at the
> shop didn't even know what they were so got them all about $1.49 +
> hawaii's state sales tax. So I said give me about 6 of them (I got what
> looks like 2 males and one female). I feel kinda bad taking advantage of
> the situation (no lable on the tank or price and unknowlegeble staff,
> also had some nice killifish with out a lable also ;-). They look like a
> population being done by a member of the local aquarium society and the
> fish buyer for this chain is also a member, so I th ink I will be able to
> figure out which population it is....
> Any thoughts or suggestions for rearing these nice little (soon to
> be bigger) fish?
> Mahalo,
> Mach T. Fukada, Web Master
> Honolulu Aquarium Society