[RML] P. signifer

Mach Fukada (tuhoitc at aloha.net)
Sun, 20 Jul 1997 07:03:56 -1000

I finally got my grubby hands on some of these neat little guys and gals.
Not sure what locality (real bummer) the person in the fish room at the
shop didn't even know what they were so got them all about $1.49 +
hawaii's state sales tax. So I said give me about 6 of them (I got what
looks like 2 males and one female). I feel kinda bad taking advantage of
the situation (no lable on the tank or price and unknowlegeble staff, they
also had some nice killifish with out a lable also ;-). They look like a
population being done by a member of the local aquarium society and the
fish buyer for this chain is also a member, so I th ink I will be able to
figure out which population it is....

Any thoughts or suggestions for rearing these nice little (soon to
be bigger) fish?


Mach T. Fukada, Web Master
Honolulu Aquarium Society