Re: [RML] Where the **** are you guys

Frex (frex at
Sun, 20 Jul 1997 22:06:56 +1000

At 07:43 AM 7/20/97 -0400, Gary wrote:
>Frex wrote:
>> Dear All...
>> FWIW - I am not a Christian either... Not a group worshipping type like some
>> around here ;) but still of that bent... Good thing Alan is prepared to be
>> mature about this... I am not. Anyone starts a monotheistic crusade around
>> here it will get very postmodern very effing quickly. I Promise :)
>> Regards, Andrew
>Hi there,
> I'm an atheist with rainbowfish. One of those two bits of info is
>interesting to this list. Let's get back to our higher purpose. :-).
>Where the **** are we guys going with this?

Good point, Gary - but when someone dumps on the two guys who own the list
and do all the work around here, something had to be said. So it was. That
is where it is going, where it went. :)

Gee, am I being infantile wanting to have the last word or what? :)

I guess I am. Take it out of my pay :)

Regards, Andrew
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