RE: [RML] Where the **** are you guys

Frex (frex at
Sun, 20 Jul 1997 14:52:35 +1000

At 10:19 AM 7/20/97 +1000, merlin wrote:
>No Offence taken, I took it as a joke.
>I did know what ICQ was. (No problem there) I just failed to see what ICQ
>has to do with our IRC sessions on #rainbowfish.
>With #rainbowfish, peoples just trun up at a set time on Saturday, one does
>not need ICQ to see who is there....
>BTW Merlin is not into Demons and stuff, just Wicca. Wicca is all too
>commonly confused with Satanism and Demonology. That is where the confusion

Dear All...

FWIW - I am not a Christian either... Not a group worshipping type like some
around here ;) but still of that bent... Good thing Alan is prepared to be
mature about this... I am not. Anyone starts a monotheistic crusade around
here it will get very postmodern very effing quickly. I Promise :)

Regards, Andrew

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