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We might be using ICQ Chat lines, no darn rooms to go to and as many in the chat as we want to add. Its free or was free a couple of weeks ago.
Al Anderson

Hi MERLIN the great rider of the broom wrote

HUH? I fail to see what this has got to do with #rainbowfih....

ICQ Chat is a great program that lets one chat with others via the net even about Rainbowfish. It is free and self installing. (no devil worshiping to get it to work) It assigns you a number that compares to your phone number. It has an address book that

lets know when one of your friends is on line. It also does not let a person in unless they are allowed entrance by one of the people chating. You can use it like e-mail to leave messages ect try it you will like it.

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Well, you guys Julie and I have been waiting around an hour for some company
on the IRC. We won't wait much longer! Be there or miss out!


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