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Roy Hunter (roy at
Sat, 19 Jul 1997 10:12:52 -0600

Ed, I feed the baby brine as soon after they hatch as possible. I do not go
through the hassle of growing the brine up as it is a lot easier to get
frozen for 4$ a kilo or 2 pounds I cant remember which....

By feeding as soon as they hatch you get all of the nutrition found in the
yolk sack of the young shrimp.

Decapsulated shrimp make a great food and you dont need to go through the
hassles of hatching but the eggs are quite expensive.

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> From: Ed Romana <erom at>
> To: rainbowfish at
> Subject: [RML] Martians
> Date: Friday, July 18, 1997 11:13 PM
> A few months ago after the weekly Saturday morning water
> change the rainbows spawned but the eggs ware quickly eaten,
> specially by the males. A few weeks later when the same thing
> happened again I was prepared and netted some eggs. I kept
> the net near the water surface.
> After 10 days, July 4th, the day the Martian lander rolled
> Soujourner off on to the surface , 1 fry appeared in the net,
> the next day 13 more.
> One black egg remained at the bottom of the net.
> With an eye dropper I removed the egg and observed
> it under a microscope. I could see inside the semi transparent
> egg a heart betting at about once a second. I put the egg back
> in the net and over night the following day it had hatched.
> I transferred the fry to a ten gallon aquarium, with a sponge
> filter at low air flow, and fed the fry Liquifry No 1 from Interpet.
> In a beaker with one liter of water and 20 grams of salt,
> and with an air stone bubbler Brine Shrimp hatched in 24 hours.
> With the air stone removed and a flash light beam illuminating
> the mid depth of the beaker, after a few minutes shrimp gather
> on the beam and are easily removed with a large eye dropper
> and can then be filtered trough a paper coffee filter.
> The little Martians love to eat shrimp!
> When I feed the shrimp dissolved dehydrated yeast solution
> they all died over night, the water was slightly cloddy.
> My questions to the List:
> * How soon after hatching should brine shrimp be feed?.
> *What are shrimp foods?
> I also tried ground flakes on another batch but the shrimp died in hours.

> * Do brine shrimp need filtered water?
> * How long do shrimp take to grow so they can be feed to adult Rainbows?
> * Is there a shrimp FAQ at some site?
> Ed