Re: [RML] Subscribe spam

Barry Meiklejohn (barrym at
Fri, 18 Jul 1997 08:30:41 +1000

G,day Bruce

I see your computer is still working - wonders will never cease :-) and a
new email address to eh...

To subscribe to the RML you send your email to a computer which does all
the work for those lads in Canberra :-) so address your email to
Majordomo at

and write subscribe rainbowfish in the text of the message, no subject is

By the time you get this tho those two A&A boys in Canberra will probably
have done it for you.

From: rainbows at
To: rainbowfish at
Date: Thursday, 17 July 1997 21:59
Subject: [RML] Subscribe

>Please subscribe me.Re Bruce Sambell.ausyfish at