[RML] Licencing fish breeders

Bruce Sambell (ausyfish at tpgi.com.au)
Thu, 17 Jul 1997 20:31:21 +1000

What Bruce Hansen said realy brings out some of the problems this subject
brings out. I just wanted to add one more consideration, one I believe to
be the only one that should be of concern to government. It is the
I see no other justification for government involvment in a persons fish
keeping or breeding hobby. The so called "back yarder" is in my opinion the
backbone of the hobby. As a licenced fish farmer, producing ornimental fish
almost exclusivly, I have found the backyarder to be valuable sorce of
information and even brood stock. If he was a threat to my business then
perhaps I should be in another business ( did I hear someone say flowers)
So perhaps it is not $$$$ that should be the "measure" but the potential
for enviromental harm!
Best Regard,
Bruce Sambell
President, Aquaculture Assoc of Queensland Inc.
<ausyfish at tpgi.com.au>

Best Regard,
Bruce Sambell
<ausyfish at tpgi.com.au>