Re: [RML] observation re worms

Andrew.Boyd at
Thu, 17 Jul 1997 15:58:03 +1000

Hello Diane, as far as I am aware the only way that camallanus are
transmitted is by infested fishes - someone with a degree correct me if I
am wrong. :)

It is something I could only wish on my worst enemy - I have not heard of a
case locally where it has been 100% cured without some loss of piscine
life. Naturally enough, I have seen several glowing reports for Ivermectin
on this mailing list. The best I can say in my case that the fish that
survived are well and truly cured.

regards, Andrew

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Subject: [RML] observation re worms
Date: 16/7/97 5:31 PM

I had camallanus (? spelling) worms earlier this year and
treated the
'bows using ivermectin and had no sign of worms again until this week.
The worms are heavily infested in only the female G. incisus
(at least
visible infestation) who are also the ones who always eat the
ants that
I drop into the tank. IS this coincidence? are the ants (wild, large
black) the source of the worms?
They really like the ants but I will stop feeding them if they
are the
source of the worm infestation. How about mosquitoe larvae?
will they
carry the worm eggs too? or anything else my fish would be better off