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Wed, 16 Jul 97 22:45 +0100

In Germany we have the following limits: If you sell fishes for more than 1.000 DM (which may be around
750 AUD) per year you have to have a pro licence. However, on the other hand you have the right to reckon
every expense on this sale against the sum you get by selling. If you make a minus for some years, tax will
say this is a hobby and profit is free. If you make a plus, you have to pay income tax on it.


>Many Queenslanders are aware of our stupid law that states that any one breeding any number, or any
>type of fish must have an aquaculture licence if they intend sell or trade them. The law was never
>intended to apply to hobbyist breeders, but it does. Hobbyists cannot afford, and shouldn't need, to be
>I was contacted (off the record) by a concerned government employee, who wanted to know if I had any
>ideas how to define a hobbyist or commercial breeder so that the law could be amended to exclude
>hobbyists from requiring a licence.
>A positive step I feel.
>But after considerable discussion we could not come up with a workable definition.
>Does anyone have any knowledge of laws in any state in any country about breeding fish for sale? Anyone
>have an idea how distinguish between people in the hobby and people who are trying to make a buck out
>of breeding fish.
>I'm sure all the Queensland hobbyists would appreciate your help.
>p.s. This is not a paying job for me, just something I would like to see cleared up as soon as possible.
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