[RML] Re: rare book/new book?

chris drew (drews at webgate.net)
Sat, 12 Jul 97 21:46:22 PDT

Jim Capelle wrote...>> Neil Frank
who runs it has many books for sale. I've picked a few books from him
and will get more. The price are good and the selection large. Then
there are a couple more that are IMO smaller dealers. The first one is:
Albatrooss Speialty Book Sellers at: http://www.albatrossbooks.com/
The other is The Aquatic Book Shop at: http://www.seahorses.com/
I hope this will help a bit.
Well on the subject of books is Dr. Gerald R. Allen coming out with a
newer Rainbowfishes book soon? Maybe by Rainbowfish 97? Anyone know if
any new books will be out by then and at the show(I'll be there)? ...>>

Thanks Jim, But Neil Frank sold the copy he had many moons ago! He was the first place I tried! Jim Forshey doesn't have it either. I did manage however to replace my copy of Allen's & Cross's book through Neil.

My original copy had been severely damaged by my dog, a week after I had purchased it! I still have that maimed copy but, the dog is long gone!;-)

Allen just put out a book two years ago so don't expect another from him anytime soon. There are rumours that another well known author is due to publish a Rainbow book shortly. But certainly not before Rainbows '97.


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