Re: [RML] New Web Page

James E. Capelle (jcapelle at
Thu, 10 Jul 1997 03:26:55 -0400

Great site and it is an even greater for being a start up site. It has
been added to(bookmarked)my list of sites to visit again. Jim C

caryho at wrote:
> Hello Folks
> Just wanted to drop a message that after years of putting it off, I've
> finally established a web presence. It's still in the construction
> phase and I'm still learning the web page stuff so don't be too hard
> on me. The URL is in my signature so feel free to stop for a visit. Oh
> yeah, if you're using the worthless MicroSquish browser all you'll see
> are blank pages.
> Just kidding, but it hasn't been tested under anything but Netscape. I
> haven't really used any high level programming so it shouldn't be a
> problem.
> Cary Hostrawser
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