Re: Hunter Creek Rainbows. RE: [RML] eeltail cats

Roy Hunter (roy at
Wed, 9 Jul 1997 20:00:14 -0600

Yeah Rob... But what John didn't tell you was what I CHARGED him for
bagging and shipping YOUR fish! :-)

I think it came out a wash :-)

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From: Rob Wager <raintree at>
To: 'rainbowfish at'
Subject: Hunter Creek Rainbows. RE: [RML] eeltail cats
Date: Wednesday, July 09, 1997 5:42 PM

There is a funny story about Those Hunter Creek Rainbows that Roy took home
with him.

Peter collected heaps and killed them straight away (pickled and frozen for
scientific posterity). Roy collected some largish ones which apparently
looked spectacular. Most of these died in transit to Cairns. John scavenged
through the pickings that Peter and Roy left in the seine. In his typical
"she'll be right style" he tossed twenty or so into a 20 litre plastic drum
(ex Bundy Rum bulk container) and thought no more of them. When Roy's fish
started to die John mentioned that he had a few in his drum. But as they
where some of the nicest inornata he had seen on the trip he was reluctant
to part with them.
By the time the boys reached Cairns airport John had screwed Roy for 14
bucks a fish!! They're sure going to be expensive in the US.

I'll admit they are very nice though. If any Queenslanders want to breed
some, drop me a line and they are yours for the effort of coming to get

Glad to see your home safe Roy. You have no idea how glad I am to see that
you are safe at YOUR HOME :-). What do you want me to do with all your
stuff you forgot to take?

John says sorry Roy, it was too easy. Can he sell you some goldfish next?

From: Bruce Hansen[SMTP:bhansen at]
Sent: Thursday, 10 July 1997 7:19
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Subject: Re: [RML] eeltail cats

Roy is back - thank goodness! Now we can all get on with the job of
cleaning up the mess and try to count our blessings ( even the way we spell
is under threat now !)

I'm glad he got his "heep"back - we don't want any of those hanging around
here anyway :-)

i hope you-all can wait out the quarantine period to make sure those yellow
inornatas aren't simply suffering from jaundice ;-)

bhansen at

> From: Roy Hunter <roy at>
> To: rainbowfish at
> Subject: Re: [RML] eeltail cats
> Date: Thursday, 10 July 1997 4:19
> Well I was going to try and not say anything to anyone but the doc let
> cat out of the bag.
> > >