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Helen.Larson at
Tue, 08 Jul 1997 09:16:52 +0930

I can think of nothing worse than spending all day slogging through
mud, wrestling with gillnets full of catfish and the odd crocodile,
getting back to camp at dark and then having to chat politely with a
bunch of computer nerds when I could be eating (fish), preserving
fish, writing up notes or sleeping!
the Ricoh worked a treat, but being basically a computer it doesnt
like salt water much, so I had to be careful.
we invented a new collection method on the Wildman: startle a shag
rookery and pick up the warm regurgitated fish from the mud banks
below. Mmmmm, good!


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Subject: Fw: [RML] FYI: Heiko Bleher in online collecting expedition
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Date: 7/8/97 8:29 AM

> From: Bruce Hansen <bhansen at>
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> Subject: Re: [RML] FYI: Heiko Bleher in online collecting expedition
> Date: Tuesday, 8 July 1997 8:28
> Wow !
> This computer suddenly looks like it may be less of a drawback. I am
> to inform you all that I for one will NObe carrying a digital camera
and > laptop coupled with the appropriate telephone/modem devices on my
surveying > trips henceforth. > > Although when I was up in Darwin
recently Helen Larson showed us her new > Ricoh "toy" digital camera
that she was taking to Kakadu with her. I will > be interested to hear
how successful it was. > > Regards, > Bruce. > bhansen at >