Re: [RML] eeltail cats

Bruce Hansen (bhansen at
Tue, 8 Jul 1997 07:10:46 +1000

Hello All -

I guess you were all rejoicing at my silence - had a major hard-drive
problem. Ever since Peter Unmack used his little disc full of virusus that
he has been carrying all around Australia :-)

Sorry to say I have lost a lot of stuff so am starting with this reply to
Mike. If you get a chance to get Eel-tails please try to get at least 3 as
they are gregarious fish that tend to hide during the day (except when the
food arrives) and team up at night and cruise around.

Roy will be on his way back today and he has some eel-tails in his cache
:-) I'm not sure how many spares he has as i know he wants to get some to

bhansen at

> From: Mike Adams <mfadam1 at>
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> Subject: [RML] eeltail cats
> Date: Wednesday, 2 July 1997 5:39
> Did anybody out there get eel tail catfish last time they were
> available here in the states? I was asking because I lost the one I got
> wasnt sure if they required something special or maybe i just had bad
> mike
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