[RML] Dead herbies

chris drew (drews at webgate.net)
Sun, 06 Jul 97 12:18:39 PDT

Julie wrote...>>
Herbies. They are one of my favs, but definitely one of the more
"delicate" (if there is such a thing, truely??) rainbows. :)

Andrew wrote...>>They will break your heart every time, Jim. They are one of the easiest New
Guinea Rainbows to breed, but one of the hardest to keep alive to any
advanced age, I have found...>>

In my experience Herbies have been trouble free. My biggest problems have been with Australian species, notably Goyders and Kuranda Crk splendidas.

Perhaps Andrew , Julie and anyone else who has difficulty with herbies, could detail their water parameters for comparison to see if there is some commonality.There must be some reason why some people have difficulty wth NG species and others like me hav

e trouble with OZ species.

Of all the fishes I've lost to ulcers, I can't recall any being from NG yet, the vast majority of the species I keep are from NG.

I have combat my problem with Australian species by doing large water changes, reducing fish loads, cutting back on feedings, decreasing protein content and increasing variety in their diet. This may not be reaching the root of the problem but it has virt

ually eliminated the problem.

Obviously I've done this for all my fish but the Oz species seem to have benefitted the most.


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