Re: [RML] Dead Herbies

Barry Meiklejohn (barrym at
Sun, 6 Jul 1997 12:21:11 +1000


It doesn't sound like the ulcer disease to me. It may be an external
influence if the scales are damaged? How big is your rainbow shark?

From: Jim Priest <cat at>
To: rainbowfish at
Date: Sunday, 6 July 1997 11:03
Subject: [RML] Dead Herbies

>Well, I woke this morning to 4 dead herbies. My remaining 4 have these
>brown patches mid body ranging from their dorsals to their pecs. Looks
>like somebody poured acid / bleach on them as their color is gone in
>this area. Looks fatal to me. Looks like the scales have been smashed
>with the perimeter of the scales upturned. With the exception of a dead
>SAE, the other fish in the tank seem unaffected. These other include
>juvinile lacustris, cory cats, SAEs, otos, and a rainbow shark.
>Is this the dreaded ulcer disease? Seems to have come on rather
>rapidly, as I had not noticed anything until this morning. I can't
>believe I could have missed the onset of these symptoms. This
>manifestation is very dramatic in nature.
>This is the second mass death I have experienced in this particular
>tank. About 6 months ago, I lost my whole tribe of incisus as well as
>some bosemanis.
>I am really bummed out over this loss as these herbies were my best
>fish. I am at a loss as to what to do. I'm quite sure, however, that I
>will be busting this tank down tomorrow. I am a little worried about
>transferring the lacustris to another tank though, even if it will be to
>a newly setup 30. I will put the shark, corys, and SAEs in this new 30
>as well.
>Depressed in Las Cruces