Re: [RML] Posting article about Ich treatment?

Rhonda Wilson (rhonda at
Tue, 05 Jul 2005 17:46:08 -0700

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I asked about posting my old columns on my web site. And they said that was fine, but they asked me to wait 3 months from publication and to only post my own, not anyone else's. Which all seemed fair to me. 



blueredorganic wrote:
"Not long after I read your article on treating ich in
TFH I got my last case. My own fault, I put a new oto in a tank, I
all the fish in that tank because I tried the regular treatment first.
But I did finally save the second tank it got in to (which was the
below the first one and probably got hit when I was pulling fish out
the infected tank above it, from water drops) using a combination of 3
sterilized bowl changes a day and drugs. I was very happy to save
fish (Xenoophorus sp. "Illescas") because I don't know if anyone else
even has them in the states at this point. The fry that survived are
almost grown now and the adults have had more fry so Yeah! and
Thanks. :)"

Hi Rhonda,

Glad my article helped save your fish from Ich. 

Your letter got me to thinking.  I could post the article on this
website.  TFH only asks for "First Publication Rights", so there's no
reason not to post it.

All "water change advocates" will love it.  :-)