[RML] Water changes and disease

blueredorganic (blueredorganic at yahoo.com)
Sat, 02 Jul 2005 21:49:26 -0000

"How many time have you heard
people talk about their tanks that they've had for years, never do water
changes, have the same fish in they've had all this time but every new
fish they put in the tank dies? I've heard this story many times. The
old fish get used to it over time, but the new fish can't take the
horrible water." --- In r_m_l at yahoogroups.com, Rhonda Wilson

Hi Rhonda,

I'd like to add to what you wrote on adding new fish to an established
tank and then watching them die.

My fish with the Mycobacteriosis seem to be doing okay since I added
the UV sterilizer (they must have developed some immunity.)

Two months ago I added a very nice, healthy Rainbowfish. Within 6
weeks he died a tragic and very sudden sudden death (it appeared to be
an acute bacterial disease).

I believe that he died from the Mycobacteria in my tanks, because he
didn't have any immunity.

In the past, I have added healthy fish to my tanks, and they did fine.
The difference was that my tanks were not infected with Mycobacteria.

I'll bet that there are many hobbyists with longterm, established tanks
that are infected with endemic Mycobacteria to which their fish are
resistant. Newcomers will definitely have a tough time!

I would argue that it may not be the hobbyist's tank management that's
causing the problem, but that his/her fish are carrying a low-grade
version of the disease. Mycobacteriosis has been around a long time,
and it so often goes unrecognized.


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