AW: [RML] New Australian fish species - no rainbow!

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Mon, 2 Jul 2001 19:17:34 +0200

There is a colour pic in the original description. It is a greyish green
fish with typical perciform body shape.


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any pics?

i guess it is too rare to expect in the trade anytime soon (if ever) huh?

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>Hi all,
>a new genus and species of freshwater fish has been described: Guyu
>wujalwujalensis Pusey & Kennard, 2001.
>It is a percichthyid fish, the distribution is very restricted to the
>Bloomfield River above the Bloomfield Falls, NE Qld., it resembles
>or Maccullochella, max. length seems to be about 12-13 cm, colour in life
>dark green to khaki green.

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