Re: [RML] planaria.

Adrian Tappin (tappin at
Sat, 14 Jul 2001 05:47:58 +1000

At 10:03 13/07/01 +0200, you wrote:
>Flubendazole is very effective against a range of
>"lower" animals. It can however cause swim bladder
>damage if used incorrectly and sometimes even if used
>correctly so follow the instructions very carefully and
>prepare to do massive water changes.
>I would suggest you remove the fish before treatment if
>you are a bit nervous and do a series of water changes
>before you put them back.

I used Flubenazole for many years mainly in Rainbowfish fry tanks. Some fry
were only days old. I never had any problems at all with any fish and I
have raised hundreds of fry over the period.

It is also the primary product used in Europe for hydra and planaria and
I've never heard of any problems at all. It is very toxic to snail and
related animals. It is also the main ingredient in some commercial aquarium

I found this chemical to be very safe.

There is a similar product called Fenbenazole which can be a problem if
overdosed. It also can be used for treatment for hydra and planaria. Its
also used as a human? and animal worm treatment.