Re: [RML] rainbowfish goiter cure

Tyrone Genade (Tgenade at
Thu, 26 Jul 2001 11:50:08 +0200

On 25 Jul 2001, at 16:48, Jerry Leong wrote:

> If you do heat this, be very careful -
> iodine fumes can be generated, and the iodine fumes can be especially
> dangerous in a confined area without adequate ventillation.

Yes, which is why I was in the other room while it sat
on the hotplate/magnetic stirer...

> If you're using this only to get the iodine as a treatment for goiter,
> why not use a solution of KI (iodine has germicidal properties, and
> the KI is used to stabilize the iodine, not the other way around).

That was my thinking too... but if you are going to
treat some thing it is always best to go by the book.

Thanks for all the advice.


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