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I'd both be careful about talking about this. You may think it innocuous
to report this lawsuit, but the folks who are being sued are being sued
essentially for doing what both of you are doing now. Fortunately, the
moderators are in Australia and so can't be sued, but any of us in the US
could be. I posted a similar email on rec.aquaria.freshwater and got a
series of threatening emails from The lawsuit might not
have any merits, but you have to spend $15,000 to find that out.

Take a look at #12 under parties. Basically anyone posting to APD can be
named later under this lawsuit. I'm hoping that justice is served and the
defendants end up as the new owners of

Be very careful, since any one of us could easily be sued for just about


>Yep, I've been following the issue from a distance. Here's some more info
>that just came across my ReefKeepers mailing list today:
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>I received this news. It may be interesting for some of you.
>A group of aqurium hobbyists who frequent the Internet
>Aquatic Plant
>Digest have been sued in Federal court for $15,000,000
>by Robert Novak
>d/b/a The lawsuit was filed in the
>U.S. District
>for the Eastern District of New York. All of the
>defendants reside
>outside of New York. ...
>If you are interested in learning more about this
>lawsuit, the
>aquarists who have been sued, or the latest litigation
>news, please
>CompuServe's Aquaria/Fish Forum at URL
>If you are interested in contributing any professional
>services to the
>defense effort, please contact John Benn at
>JBenn at
>Please feel free to distribute this notice to other aquarists, hobbyists,
>pet lovers and all those you think feel strongly about defending the issues
>at stake. On behalf of the defendants in this lawsuit, I will express our
>collective appreciation for your contributions.
>John Benn
>JBenn at
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