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Graeme Finsen/Be Sharp-Rentacomputer (finsen at
Tue, 31 Jul 2001 11:22:29 +1000

I would suggest more plants and don't disturb your gravel (like thru
suctioning). The black stuff is probably a cyanobacteria. I have a couple
of bare tanks with this in and all I do is regularly siphon the gunge off
the sides when it is looking bad. In the worst case, I move the fish to
another tank and strip the old one down but otherwise the fish do fine.

As for the green thread stuff, apparently siamensis (flying fox catfish
types) eat it. But mine don't. I just keep ripping it up until equilibium
is reached. I only have one tank with this stuff in it now, and it keeps
reoccuring around the same spot, so ripping it up isn't a big drama.

As for plants, go for some sword plants (melon swords are a personal fav.).
They are fairly robust and do a good job of outcompeting my algae for
resources. Mind you I do have a few (like 20) in the tank with the green
thready stuff so perhaps more elodea or cabomba etc. would be better.

Anyway, there are heaps of plant people on this list.

Good luck

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> Hi all,
> I'm new here, but not to Australian native fish. May I ask your advice?
> I have a 4 foot tank of natives. Plants are Elodia (sp?). Temp at 28. pH at
> 40 W lighting for 10hrs/day. On my rocks is a tufted very dark green algae
> that seems to be seasonal - at the moment I think it's dormant. Recently I
> have been plagued by a black slime that starts off looking like very dark
> green dust on the glass, but it soon covers the plants and rocks. It
> seem to respond to erythromycin, so I guess it's not blue-green algae
> (cyanobacteria). It has no smell either. Any idea what it is, and how I
> get rid of it. I'd like to keep the tufted algae if possible. Would prefer
> biological solution rather than chemical.
> Thanks
> Andrew
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