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Mon, 30 Jul 2001 22:20:45 -0500

I will be doing my part shortly on Aquabid in the PLANT section. Keep a
lookout for "rainbowfish" postings which will have links to the lawsuit and
other info. All but the shipping costs will be sent to the fund, so for all
the US people, bid heavy and often :-) This guy has to be stopped or it has
much further implications beyond just the APD. If they get the funds for a
proper defense I think in the long run they are probably going to come back
with a countersuit that is really going to hurt this guy in the wallet. It
seems that's the only thing he understands. I don't want to have to go
underground like all of these hacker clowns just to find out who has good
plants/fish/stuff in general. It would be a real shame if we lose that
ability on any site. BTW there have been several BBB reports on this fellow
so it wasn't just a couple of people "picking" on him. That has been done
to some companies before and I can see why they might be willing to sue
someone over that.

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Subject: [RML] OT but important

I received this news. It may be interesting for some of you.


A group of aqurium hobbyists who frequent the Internet
Aquatic Plant
Digest have been sued in Federal court for $15,000,000
by Robert Novak
d/b/a The lawsuit was filed in the