Re: AW: [RML] OT but important

Chuck Gadd (cgadd at
Tue, 31 Jul 2001 03:06:22 -0600

Harro Hieronimus wrote:
> I'm glad not to live in the States. Here in Germany we have a private
> institute (Stiftung Warentest) which tests products and shops all the time
> and publishes all of the results. They do not even accept advertisments in

Consumer reports operates the same way over here. And they are pretty
much untouchable in terms of lawsuits.

But in the case of a business sueing individuals, the business can sue,
and even if they have no chance of winning the case, it causes expense
for the individuals to defend themselves.

I do not think the laws in the US are any better or worse than those in
germany, it's just that more people and businesses in the US feel that
whenever they are unhappy, they should sue someone.

> You wrote "be very careful" and I can understand this basically. However,
> isn't this censorship already??

I absolutely agree.

Chuck Gadd