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Sun, 31 Jan 1999 01:36:33 EST

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<< >well, one day canada will just be another american state, just as
>will be another indonesian province.

That's a bit nasty, tsuh yang.... this is a fairly credible threat that
many people (not just ill informed right-wing loonies) have real concerns
about. It's about as funny as cancer. >>

in all seriousness, andrew, why is that nasty? i don't think it is a credible
"threat," indonesia is today having enough trouble keeping its own sprawling
archipelago together, with all the separatist movements in east timor, irian
jaya and aceh (sumatra); not to mention persecution of the chinese minority
which is driving some of more educated and skilled people out of the country;
and the recent mass killing of suspected "witches." indonesia is a beautiful
country with a wondrous (but threatened) nature and rich cultural diversity,
but unfortunately beset by so many social, economic and other problems.

and if australia became a province of indonesia, it would be as nasty as when
the aboriginals lost their country to the europeans, wouldn't it? or is it
the idea that australia could unite with an asian country (as opposed to a
white nation) that bothers people the most?

you forgot to quote me on the part when i say, "and then we will all sing
together "we are the world..."

tsuh yang chen, nyc