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The other big problem is the fact that the English have taken it on
themselves to translocate all over the world by fair means or foul :-)

As a result isolated pockets of English-origin people keep some of their
original pronunciations (which often were very variable - Oxford, Cockney
etc) and then nlocal variations come in and become fixed there as well as
adding a few words and sayings from the local native languages.

On top of all this English is a great "borrower" of words from other major
languages too and of course the original pronunciation gets it's own English
version too :-)

I would hate to be learning English as a second language :-)


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>why is english such a weird language?
>Basically, the way English words are spelled is the way they were
pronounced at
>the time the printing press was invented. At that time a dictionary was
>published and began to freeze the spelling. Changes in pronunciation were
>established by changing conventions passed from person to person. Take a
look at
>Chaucer to see what I mean.