[RML] Gudgeon GIF

Monty Newman (monty at effect.net.au)
Sun, 24 Jan 1999 13:52:18 +1100

Thank you Bruce

I hope that Peter Unmack does a little table of differences sometime. It
will be interesting & helpful.

I shall assume it was from the Barcoo River. I acquired him in a second hand
tank. The previous owner had moved to Sydney & his parents sold up. All they
could tell me was that it was a "Gudgeon." I requested that they ask their
son for more information & left a message on their answering machine
reminding them. Couple weeks later I went around to find that they too had
left Canberra.

Anyway the poor thing died. He was about a centimetre shorted that my
estimate - that was total length, not standard length.