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When I was a boy - my father had a friend named fred Young who lived at West
End in Brisbane who kept birds and fish and he bred Whiteworms in wooden
boxes of birdseed compost that he had stacked over a water filled tray under
his house. He had about a dozen boxes of them and used to collect about a
gallon of worms a day to feed to his birds, fish and axolotyls and he had
then going for over 20 years but it was always cool under his house


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>Ron Turner in Melbourne use to breed stacks of worms in open topped stryo
>veggie boxes stacked on top of each other in his garage all year. One thing
>you have to watch out for though if you don't keep them in a frig is ants -
>they will terrorise the cultures. Ron use to maintained his boxes over
>to keep the ants away.