Re: [RML] SPAM: Measuring the Cold

Mach T. Fukada (fukada at
Fri, 15 Jan 1999 08:32:25

You think that is bad it has gotten to 65 F (18 C) and I have needed to get
extra blankets and consider heating my fish tanks that are outside ;-).
Along that line, do you think any of the blue eyes fromthe south need a
cool period and short days to kick start the biological process and make
them breed?


At 12:14 PM 1/15/99 -0600, you wrote:
>HH wrote:
>> It is quite warm now, 6C (about 43F), nevertheless three days ago we
had 7
>> inches snow and -7C (in other parts of Germany -13C)(about 20F resp.
>> Crazy weather!
>That's not so cold. We had several days with lows of -15 F (-26 C)
>recently, with highs of 9 F (-13 C).
>North of Chicago, where I'm really tired of shoveling the driveway
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