Re: [RML] Green Water!

Bjrn Straube (straube at
Mon, 11 Jan 1999 16:31:59 -1000

Hi Ernie,
I have to say, that if you really have a rearing tank then maybe you
should keep the stuff. When I'm raising fry, I ADD green water. The
best batch of fry I every raised was in a tank that "turned" and the fry
grew faster, and larger than in other tanks. Wish I could figure out
what made the tank turn green, I'd always do it, I did not even have to
add any APR. The green went away right about the time the fry were
really starting too consume large (a relative term) amounts of BBS. I
speculate the brine shrimp were helping to filter it out, kinda like gut
loading them too :). Of course at 2 cm the fry are probably beyond the
need, or desire, for food that small. I'd be tempted to move them and
add full mops.


Ernie Burns wrote:
> Help!! I have a 20 gallon long nursery tank with about 50 M.
> boesemani juveniles, each about 2 cm in length. The fish are doing
> great, but the water is green. Even though the tank doesn't receive any
> sunlight and the amount of tank light has been reduced to 12 hours per
> day, the problem persists. I do get some relief when I keep the light
> off for a few days, but that is not an ideal situation. I am keeping
> the temperature at 80 degrees and have 2 sponge filters and a canister
> filter (Aquaclear) running. Water changes don't bring much relief. Any
> suggestions other than living with it????
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