[RML] Green Water!

Ernie Burns (theburns at hotmail.com)
Sun, 10 Jan 1999 12:03:11 -1000

Help!! I have a 20 gallon long nursery tank with about 50 M.
boesemani juveniles, each about 2 cm in length. The fish are doing
great, but the water is green. Even though the tank doesn't receive any
sunlight and the amount of tank light has been reduced to 12 hours per
day, the problem persists. I do get some relief when I keep the light
off for a few days, but that is not an ideal situation. I am keeping
the temperature at 80 degrees and have 2 sponge filters and a canister
filter (Aquaclear) running. Water changes don't bring much relief. Any
suggestions other than living with it????

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