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>In this situation the preferred temperature range for each species of Myco.
>determines if that species will "culture" well in man. That si supposed to
>be the main reason why M. marinum only grows in human extremities as they
>are the coolest parts of us - our core temperature is too high for it.

Here is a list of potentially pathogenic mycobacteria for one source that I

M avium
M intracellulare
M kansasii
M xenopi
M farcinogenes
M fortuitum-x
M chelonae-x
M scrofulaceum
M marinum-x
M ulcerans-x
M malmoense
M szulgai
M haemophilum
M simiae
M microti
M senegalense

Of those marinum, chelonae, ulcerans, and fortuitum have been reported in
fish or marine life (dolphins, seals etc.). However, not on that list is
bovis and smegmatis both of which have also been found in infected fish or
marine life.

bovis is regarded as an "obligate pathogen" and smegmatis as "generally


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