Re: [RML] TB in NT natives

Rainer Schneck (Rainer.Schneck at Skynet.Be)
Fri, 8 Jan 1999 12:47:07 -1000

G'day Bruce,

that sounds interesting. Below 20C. If I read the different books about
rainbows I can't believe it.
In a differnet posting you wrote something about rising the hardness of
water versus desease.
Dou you think, that could protect trifasciatas, kept in europe, against TG?
One of my nice F1 Goyder River has a little ulcer on the left side.
The water conditions are good, but if I read that about rising hardness I
start thinking to rise it also.
The hardness in my tank is 7KH and 14 H.
Hopefully you now what I mean by KH and H.
I don't know the term in english (yet).



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>Rainer > >Goyders are "different" to all other Trifasciatas - perhaps that's why they >stay so popular. They are the only form that I have taken from hard alkaline >water and I collected fry ( not juveniles) in winter at water temperatures >below 20C > > >Regards, >Bruce. > >Bruce Hansen, A.N.G.F.A., Advancing Australian Aquatics. > >Bruce Hansen, ANGFA, caring for our aquatic ecosystems. > >Please visit us at > > >-----Original Message----- >From: Rainer Schneck <Rainer.Schneck at Skynet.Be> >To: rainbowfish at <rainbowfish at> >Date: Friday, 8 January 1999 5:25 >Subject: Re: [RML] TB in NT natives > > >>Adrian, waht temperature dou you mean will be the best for rainbows like >M.t >>Goyder River? >>I could get some F1 from Gilbert Maebe last April and they're beautifyl. >>But, I saw one one male one on the left side a smal ulcer. >>The conditiona of water are ok. >>Temperatuer is 23 - 24 celsius. >> > > >