Re: [RML] species maintenance(bullsh*t)

Julie Zeppieri (jazep at
Fri, 30 Jan 1998 23:38:55 -0700 (MST)

Cary, Gary, and Roy:

Congratulations on a job well done! :) :) I, for one, eagerly await the
results of this work. Thanks for all your hard work. I am very happy to
see you all coming together for the hobby and us. :)

Thank you, especially, Cary, for making all of this possible. I am glad to
see the SPM program moving forward, as I am eager to participate.

So... who all out there is into Glossolepis? Since cary can't do it all,
I am seeking, via the list, any folks who want to join me in SMP groups
for any of the spp in this genus. Good stock is spotty for a lot of these
guys right now, but if the people are here to do the work, I am sure the
fish can be obtained. ;) :)

I have already volunteered to head the group for G. ramuensis, and am
working on getting my stock back up and breeding so I can help to get fish
to anyone who truely wants to maintain them as part of the group. Anyone
else who has stock and wants to find out about joining, please let cary
and I know. I have fish from 2 good lines, and they are being conditioned
as I type. I have a few fry, but hope to have more very soon.

I also have G. wanamensis, from as good of stock as is currently available
in the hobby. I am sure you have all heard that wanams may be contaminated
in the hobby, but possibly extinct in the wild. I guess, until we can get
new wild ones in, we had better make sure to do our best to keep the ones
we have from further degradation. :)

Cary, I am open to keep and maintain any other Glossolepis spp that need a
"home." Just let me know. :)

Thanks, Guys!
Julie <><