[RML] map question

peter.unmack at ASU.Edu
Wed, 28 Jan 1998 13:35:56 -0700 (MST)

G'day folks

Does anyone in Oz have access to the auslig 1:100,000 topo maps? They are
damn hard to find here the US without paying lots of money to buy them. I
need to check the location of Yam Creek. It is in the Northern Territory
9 miles from Brock's Creek railway line south of Darwin. I think it is
actually referring to the railway siding. Brock's Creek is easy to find,
the problem is it sits near the drainage divide between the Adelaide and
Daly rivers. The only gazateer I have access to gives two references to
Yam Creek. They were at 12 43 143 02 and 13 26 131 33. The first is in
Cape York, the second is near Brock's Creek but in the Adelaide drainage.
What I am after is to have someone look on the smallest scale map
available for that area (1:100,000, the four maps nearest that area are
Batchelor 5171, McKinlay River 5271, Pine Creek 5270, and Tipperary 5170)
and see if they can find Yam Creek at that coordinate and to look around
within about 9 miles of Brock's Creek to see if they can locate any others
with the same name. Also, if someone had access to a modern Australian
made gazateer could they please look it up to see if it lists any others
in that area. Why is this important you ask?

The reason why I want to find Yam Creek is that people have said this
creek is part of the Daly / Katherine River system. The only records of
Porochilus obbesi and Toxotes lorentzi for the Daly drainage are from Yam
Creek (both species also occur in the Adelaide River). I need to be
certain as to which drainage Yam Ck is in, inductive logic isn't good

Allen, in his revision of Toxotidae (1978) is the earliest reference
stating that Yam Ck is in the Daly system (though I don't have books by Lake
1978 or Whitley 1960 to check). Could someone who has either book take a
quick look for those species and see if they specifically mention the
Daly system for Yam Ck?


Peter Unmack