Re[2]: [RML] first Blue-eyes and gudgeons

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Tue, 27 Jan 1998 17:53:50 -1000

>Howdy Chad, hmmm, what are the more delicate small natives? Depends where
>live I suppose... ;) In Australia I think that the former Poppondettas, Ps.
>conniae and furcatus would qualify as delicate, but, Goddess knows, they
>like guppies in the USA ;) (this is an old argument, Chad - it seems that Ps.
>conniae and Ps. furcatus breed a lot more readily in the USA than they do

I wouldn't call P. furcatus or P. connieae delicate. (but of course I am in
the USA, sometimes anyway ;-) My breeders are easily larger than any of my
peacocks (all adult breeders also). The scary thing is that I consider my
furcatus small compared to some of the other old timers here in Honolulu.
I have seen some that were easily 4 inches long.
Even for breedig purposes I would never use a planted tank set up (ala
killies) for either. Too much humbug to collect eggs for the blue eyes and
a bother to clean if you are feeding lots of rich food (beef heart, sea
food mixes, I have been experimenting with a friends Discus mix) to
condition the breeders. A bare tank with a mop or bare tank with a few PVC
pipe (for the gudgeons) will work out well. They should be OK in a
community setting provided you do not plan to use this tank as a breeder
(but please breed you fish for the purpose of species maintenance). My
only concern is that the peacocks will not get any food because the P.
furcatus are voracious to the point that I don't think much will make it to
the bottom.

>Subject: RE: [RML] first Blue-eyes and gudgeons
>Author: PC:Mastberc at at INTERNET-MAIL
>Date: 1/28/98 11:17 AM
>Peacock Gudgeons are great little fish, kept by themselves in a species
>tank (or
>in a community tank with sufficient spawning cave analogues) will generally
>breed without any triggers if they live long enough and are not harrassed by
>other cave-spawning species. They can be nasty little buggers though, so I
>would watch mixing them with more delicate small natives - again, very IMHO,
>YMMV, as they say.

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