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Howdy Chad, hmmm, what are the more delicate small natives? Depends where you
live I suppose... ;) In Australia I think that the former Poppondettas, Ps.
conniae and furcatus would qualify as delicate, but, Goddess knows, they breed
like guppies in the USA ;) (this is an old argument, Chad - it seems that Ps.
conniae and Ps. furcatus breed a lot more readily in the USA than they do here).
I personally wouldn't keep Desert Gobies and Peacock Gudgeons together, I think
that the Peacocks would have it all over them as far as habitat and food
competition goes. I wouldn't keep Peacocks with Threadfins, even though (as
someone observed with Ps. gertrudae) the Peacocks are a bottom dweller
*generally* and the Threadfins are more a surface fish. I've never kept Kiungas
but they appear big enough to hold their own, as in the case of the larger Ps.
signifers - does anyone have anything to add on that - this is just an
uneducated guess?

The bottom line is that if you want fry of any species you are better off not
mixing them with other species, and that in keeping them in a mixed community
you have to watch the known predators. Most fish are opportunistic piscivores,
but I think that the little Peacocks need keeping half an eye on. I've never
heard of them being a problem in a mixed Rainbowfish tank (and I am using
"Rainbowfish" in the old sense to include genera
Melanotaenia/Chilatherina/Glossolepis/etc. and not the Blue Eyes ;) ).

Regards, Andrew

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Peacock Gudgeons are great little fish, kept by themselves in a species tank (or
in a community tank with sufficient spawning cave analogues) will generally
breed without any triggers if they live long enough and are not harrassed by
other cave-spawning species. They can be nasty little buggers though, so I
would watch mixing them with more delicate small natives - again, very IMHO,
YMMV, as they say.


What exactly are the more delicate small natives?

Thanks chad

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