Re: [RML] Out of the FRYing pan

Julie Zeppieri (jazep at
Mon, 26 Jan 1998 22:43:00 -0700 (MST)

Hi Julie

Just my 2-cents' worth, but I would not bother removing the gravel. Yes,
it will get dirty, but it also has a whole lot of surface area for
bacteria, which aid in keeping the water in good shape. Those snail babies
(?) you got on the plant would be a good thing to add to the fry tank if
they are big enough that you can move them right now. I use all difft
kinds of snails, and small ones work just fine. :) When you do start
doing your H2O changes, you can use the hydro-vac to get the debris out of
the gravel bed. baby bows are pretty good at staying away from the siphon,
so you *shouldn't* have any problems there. :) The snails will do a good
job of going through the gravel and eating any extra food there, as well.
Snail poop is very clean, as snails digest almost everything they take in.
Fish, humans, etc. aren't nearly as efficient digesters as they are! ;)

Hope this helps.
Julie <><

On Sun, 25 Jan 1998, Georgia Mountain Web wrote:

> WOW! Thanks for all the advice on algae eaters!
> I was looking for a oto, sae, clown or bristlenose pl*co but all we could
> find was a common one, so the shop owner told us if it got too big we could
> trade it in for a smaller one :-) I'm still going to keep an eye out for
> the smaller ones.
> Anyway, can you believe nobody had snails yesterday? But one shop owner
> sold us some plants -- lo and behold, one had baby snails in it, but I
> suppose they won't do much good.
> A note on the stockings, make sure it is secure on the filter, my sassy cat
> decided to pull the darn thing off this AM and my FRY got rather winded
> there for a moment! I also put the top growing plant between the filter
> end and fish end of the tank and that helps reduce any currents.
> 5 new hatches this AM and I think that will probably be the last of them
> (counting 10 days since we took mom and pop out of the tank)
> I may have made a mistake in that the fry tank has gravel in it, that can't
> be good since food will get down in it...of course I can't use my gravel
> cleaner. I suppose I should take it out but wondering how to do it without
> disturbing the fishies.
> Thanks again,
> Julie
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