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Bruce Hansen (bhansen at
Sat, 24 Jan 1998 17:54:53 +1000

G'day All

I was at the RSG's Conference in SF as well and it was great to meet up
with so many fellow enthusiasts including Cary and Jim. I must admit I
thought Cary's talk was tops and full of good stuff as well as passion for
his position as Species Maintenance co-ordinator for the RSG. I wish we
here in ANGFA had someone willing and able to do that job.

I am sorry Jim felt that the contributions of the "keepers" towards the
successes of the hobby were not being recognised. If the experience over
here is anything to go on Jim, the "keepers" outnumber the "breeders" by at
least 100 to 1. Usually you don't get to be a successful breeder without
doing an apprenticeship in "keeping" for quite a while anyway ;-)

Cary , I hope you won't let misunderstandings discourage you too much -
after all my recent dealings with bureaucrats over here recently both at
government and various club levels it tends to get you down when all the
work and time you are putting in seems to be going into another of those
"black holes" ;-)


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> Subject: [RML] My Article
> Date: Saturday, 24 January 1998 12:40
> Since I've now been called on the carpet for name calling and singling
> people out, I thought I'd try to clear the air. This is my article for
> those who haven't seen it. In my eyes it is a plea to breed these fish
> and the continued plight they suffer. To tell you the truth after
> seeing these replies, I ready to say fuck it. I'm tried of crap, I'm
> tired of the work, I'm tired of unrealistic expections from people who
> don't lift a finger, and I'nm tired of "You're the species maintenance
> person you're supposed to know who has that fish". So here's my
> article.