Re: [RML] I see EYES!- the HATCH

Bruce Hansen (bhansen at
Fri, 23 Jan 1998 00:22:40 +1000

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> Subject: Re: [RML] I see EYES!- the HATCH
> Date: Thursday, 22 January 1998 18:16
> Thanks for the tips - okay the neons are hatching now all over the place,
> I've counted 20 so far...
> I'm feeding them teenie bits of microfood and egg yolk swished around in
> the water... now how do I know if they are eating? Just hope I guess.

If you look hard enough you can see their little bellies bulge and look a
bit yellowish.

> Also, I have a quiet filter and leave it turned off and turn it on for a
> minute after they eat, I have them sectioned off in a little net basket
> when the filter is running there is a little movement in the basket but
> much (it's on the other side of the tank). If you were me would you
> the filter running then or leave it off for a few days?

I would leave it on - but watch out for the basket becoming clogged with
food particles and algae eventually and then water quality going off.


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