Re: [RML] java moss

Bruce Hansen (bhansen at
Tue, 13 Jan 1998 22:11:31 +1000

Dianne have you tried rubber-banding plastic flyscreen as a protector. If
you cut a 4 inch circle and band it just above the slots the screen will
balloon out from the intake and keep the moss well away in most cases


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> From: Vermillion, Dianne <DVER at>
> To: list rainbowfish <rainbowfish at>
> Subject: [RML] java moss
> Date: Tuesday, 13 January 1998 8:54
> Hi, The thread on egg laying in java moss reminds me of : How do I get
> the moss to stay out of the filter intake hose? my moss is in a
> separate jar on the window sill at the moment as I have been working
> this one over for a while.
> Thanks,
> Dianne