Re: [RML] Question

Bruce Hansen (bhansen at
Mon, 5 Jan 1998 07:23:00 +1000

Hello Red

If this is the only fish gasping at the top then it sounds like a "sick
fish" rather than a "sick tank" situation. It would be nice to know a few
things like whether it is recently added to the tank and from where? Also
behavoiur before this started as well as whether any of the other fish are
behaving strangely e.g. rubbing their gills on the substrate etc

I agree with isolation and carefully watching the others. i think this one
may have had his chips but vigorous aeration, salt and some anti-parasite
drug wouldn't go astray. I tend to call everything Fish TB as most RML'ers
would have noticed ;-)
But even I find it hard to call this TB

bhansen at

> From: Red <rborrow at>
> To: rainbowfish at
> Subject: [RML] Question
> Date: Saturday, 3 January 1998 23:49
> Luckily this is not one of my fish, someone I know has a Praecox it
> just sits up the top of the tank gasping for breath. Is this Fish TB.
> I was going to suggest isolation and a multi-cure
> Any other suggestions would be welcome.
> Red