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Roy Hunter (rainbows01 at
Thu, 23 Jan 1997 19:15:09 -0700

I can send you some P. cyanodorsalis if you want but they like 50% salt
mixture but the eggs ship well and take 3 weeks to hatch...

Roy Hunter
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> From: Hans Martin Hanslin <hansmh at>
> To: 'rainbowfish at'
> Subject: [RML] Introduction - one more
> Date: Thursday, January 23, 1997 5:49 PM
> Hi,
> Rather new on this list and new to rainbowfishes- it is time for a
> My name is Hans Martin Hanslin and I live in Trondheim, Central Norway.
Doing my PhD studies in plant ecology at the university here.
> I have kept fishes for 15 years or so, most of the time breeding cichlids
and occassional Corydoras, tetras and others. A few years ago I got more
interested in aquatic plants, but finally I had to surrender. Algae
"forced" the plants out of the water - I now grow some Cryptocoryne and
Anubias and some other species emerse with mixed success. As a botanist my
main interest is with plants and especially carnivorous plants. I grow a
number of them along with a range of orchids, ferns and myrmecophytic
plants in small terraria.
> Living in a small apartment with my wife and 19 month old son, strictly
restricts the number and size of tanks on hand, resulting in a focus on
small fishes: killies, livebearers, but most of all gobies (Brachygobius
and whatever is available). My interest in rainbowfishes (or actually
Pseudomugils) is of rather recent date. I got to know this list and ANGFA
through Bruce H., and I spent some hours checking out the ANGFA Web site
with links. After visiting Adrian T's home page, there was no way back!
Since then I have been looking for Pseudomugil species here in Norway (No
success yet). I have joined the British Rainbowfish and Goby Society and
may join IRG and RSG, whenever I get the time to contact them. Hopefully,
with a exchange of eggs and fish in the future.
> At present I keep some West African cichlids (Nanochromis,
Pelvicachromis), frogs (Hymenochirus) and bumblebee shrimps. Looking for
eggs of Pseudomugil (esp. gertrudae).
> Regards
> Hans M