Re: [RML] Is it a rainbowfish or not?

Bruce Hansen (bhansen at
Fri, 24 Jan 1997 07:55:33 +1100

Jim Capelle is right - the fish don't read the books. Even in hardwater
streams and lakes there is a lot of seasonal variation in hardness and pH
with rain and runoff high in the tropics, especially in the smaller feeder
streams. Most Rainbows have a high tolerance to variation in water
parameters as long as they are not too large too suddenly.

Jim may find that his eggs may not hatch as well in his current water or
the fry grow as well without skeletal deformity. There is also the question
of sex ratios in the fry that has been debated here on the RML - acid
conditions seem to produce a high proportion of males.

Bruce Hansen

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From: James E. Capelle <jcapelle at>
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Subject: [RML] Is it a rainbowfish or not?
<<2. My Glossolepis incisus (Red Rainbowfish) has great color and they are
in a tank with soft low PH water and acting like (the Male) they are
getting ready to do the egg thing in the plants. One of my books says
higher PH and hard water. Should they be moved to another tank set up
or should I have the fish read this book too?>>