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Roy Hunter (Rainbows01 at
Tue, 21 Jan 1997 08:00:34 -0700

The closest thing I know of to a cichlid in OZ are Grunters.. Mean bastards
they are!
I bought 3 from Rick Datodi in Melbourne and the biggest one killed the
other two IN THE BAG! I was impressed! But my little mean sooty bastard is
doing well in the sump of my wet-dry and maybe someday he will have a tank
of his own...

Roy Hunter
ANGFA of North America
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> From: Ray Cone <mcone at>
> To: rainbowfish at
> Subject: [RML] Who's Who on the "List"
> Date: Tuesday, January 21, 1997 12:15 AM
> Whoa!
> I don't know if my note to Mr Unmack got this proverbial ball rolling,
> but these introductions have been great! The Blondes of Sahul should be
> required reading for newcomers. Hearing from the several of the silent
> "other 80" as well as the rowdy regulars has definitely brought this
> list to life! I hope this tone and number of contributors continues.
> >From the what the Aussies are saying, it sounds as though many folks
> there keep natives as opposed to imported species. Is there a keener
> interest in native species there than here in the states? It sounds
> very common place to collect, maintain and even breed Australian fish as
> opposed to here in the states where buying the latest, supposedly rarest
> and, of course, most expensive import is what is discussed in all the
> aquarium mags. Am I reading too much between the lines or is going
> "native" the more common mode for Australian aquarists'?
> Another question I was pondering, I haven't heard mention of Australian
> cichlids...are there any and does anyone know of a U.S. source?
> Best Regards,
> Ray Cone
> mcone at