[RML] SPAM: Re thumbnail sketches

drews at webgate.net
Mon, 20 Jan 1997 23:38:12 -0500

Well! That was quite the little love-in we just went through wasn't it? Made me
feel warm and fuzzy all over;-)

You should all be aware that I now am keeping active files on you! All that
stuff has taken up an awful lot of space on a perfectly good disc!

Hey! 'Raptors, could a message be sent to new subscribers asking them to intro
themselves upon subscription? I think it's been a great success so far.


As for drinking all the Appleton's, personally I always preferred J.Wray&Nephew.
A little more exclusive than that export grade Appleton's stuff!! And believe me
it was NOT my choice to move from "de islands". Mother and Dad thought the kids
would have better opportunities in the civilised world. What were they

We don't get skin cancer in Canada because, even though we are the second
biggest country in the world, second only to Russia, ;-) all of our land mass is
centered around the north freakin' pole! It's never warm enough to expose your
body to the sun!

And islanders only get less skin cancer because unlike the dumb touristos, the
locals never go out in the sun at high noon!