Re: [RML] Fish Rooms

peter.unmack at ASU.Edu
Mon, 20 Jan 1997 13:43:45 -0700 (MST)

On Mon, 20 Jan 1997, Ernest Burns wrote:

> 1. Do you maintain species specific tanks or move breeding groups from a
> community tank for breeding?

Depends upon your philosophy. My philosophy suggests using 3 large
tanks, the larger the better, and splitting up all your adult fish between
these tanks, ie a few of each species in each. That way when you lose a
tank you don't lose any species. Of course though one has to be careful
as to what species they mix so that they can be subsequently correctly
reidentified. For intstance, you need to be careful mixing all female
splendidas (all subspecies) and M. parkinsoni as they tend to be
similar. Various trifasciata females, Chilatherina, and some Glossolepis
females can also be difficult to distinguish. A lot of it depends upon
the abilities of the fishkeeper to tell fish apart. The key thing is, if
in doubt don't mix it and if you do throw it out. I'd also recommend
keeping 2 females to every male too. People often seem to run short on
females, especially those of more aggressive species. I don't believe
in species tanks as if you lose the tank you lose the species. I'm
sure someone will take me to task on this but that's life.

> 2. What size tanks are used for spawning and grow-out?

30 gallon is good for large species, a 10-15 is fine for small species. You
want to try and group spawn them rather than pair spawn them if you have
the extra fish available as it helps maintain more genetic diversity.

> 3. Do you use individual sponge filters and heaters or a central
> filtration system?

What is it with Americans and sponge filters? I think you all have
spongy brains. I use a round goldfish bowl undergravel filter in a small
container full of gravel. It is very cheap, keeps the tank very clean,
and is easy to clean. They don't look very nice in show tanks though.

> An specific answers or other helpful tidbits would be greatly
> appreciated. Lumber and tools await your answers?

Keep a minimum of 8 inches between tanks on your racks and have them a
few inches off the ground to make syphoning easier.


Peter Unmack