Re: [RML] List, Spam and Hello

Bruce Hansen (bhansen at
Mon, 20 Jan 1997 08:28:01 +1100

G'day Jim,

Welcome. I too get the Plant Digest and get a lot out of it with only an
occasional input from me. Like the Rainbowfish List at times the content
gets a bit thin and to some extent seems to concentrate on substrate,
lighting, fertiliser etc and not so much on the plant species themselves.

I spend some time editing to keep the "good stuff" but for my money it is
quicker and easier to have the List rather than the Digest format when it
comes to editing/deleting.

Bruce Hansen

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From: Jimcapwet at AOL.COM
To: rainbowfish at
Subject: [RML] List, Spam and Hello
Date: Monday, 20 January 1997 7:09

I ve only been on this list for about a Month and I like it (format and
Info). I am a member of two other lists and a digest.